With its world-famous cities and wonderful natural landscapes, Italy offers ideal locations for organising business incentive trips. Over the last 20 years, Platinum by Albatravel Group has been a leader when it comes to organising business trips by operating in Venice and, little by little, it is growing throughout Italy.We are able to offer facilities located in strategic positions, surrounded by breathtaking sceneries or close to the symbolic monuments of the most important cities in Italy, such as Venice, with its Lagoon, Rome, the capital city, or Verona, Italy's most romantic city.

We help companies improve cooperation and communication between colleagues by organising leisure and training activities, carefully selecting the most suitable collaborators in order to arrange unique events with a special atmosphere and always following the course of initiatives to ensure the success of the event. Thanks to our team of experts and professionals, we take care of all the organisation stages of group trips, which are customised down to the smallest detail in order to meet all customer needs and to offer you a special trip. Our professional and friendly approach allows us to ensure a successful event for the customer, ensuring maximum support and a flair for problem solving In addition to dealing with customised incentive solutions and team building activities, we select the most spectacular locations and the most exclusive hotels, organising conferences, meetings, business parties, conventions and gala dinners throughout Italy, as well as entertainment and catering services, hostesses and guides, interpreting services, sports car and yacht rental and photo shoots to give you a wide range of offers that perfectly reflect the values of the client company. We have been active for over 20 years in the Venice area, where, thanks to our experience, we can rely on the best facilities, since we are familiar with the area and know the local operators well so that we can ensure a successful event.

For us, an incentive trip is a prize, a tool for motivating collaborators and all company staff with the aim of improving quality and enhancing human resources thanks to its great emotional contents and various forms of customisation. For those who take part in them, business incentives are a healthy break from work, an opportunity for social promotion, especially if the trip is enriched by details that make a difference, such as luxury hotels, interesting destinations to visit, amusement, fun and entertainment activities, food and wine tours, theme nights, and much more: an opportunity for both training and business growth. This is why we make sure that each trip is a unique and memorable experience, making the most of the chosen destination and fully exploiting the beautiful scenery, the services offered, the attractions, the opportunities for relaxation, entertainment and the cultural offer

Platinum by Albatravel Group carefully selects destinations based on the company's history, taking into account its goals and strategies. We also pay great attention to business travel communication during all stages of the event (before, during and after) through invitations, dinners, shows, highlights, gifts, videos, photos and much more, so we can make sure that all participants are fully satisfied, meeting their expectations and ensuring lasting memories. Relying on Albatravel Platinum by Albatravel Group means wanting to ensure your company’s success. We pay meticulous attention to details and select the most appropriate offer for your needs.