A holiday in Italy dedicated to sports and wellness

We all know for a fact that Italy has lots to offer to sports enthusiasts: in fact, our country provides numerous opportunities for those who wish to spend a holiday practicing activities in contact with nature, surrounded by a breathtaking scenery. From the sea to the mountains, passing through the charming countryside and hilly landscapes, Italy offers endless possibilities to organise a holiday dedicated to sports and fitness. And the same goes for those who, instead, fancy a holiday dedicated to wellness: Italy has a thousand-year old tradition that dates back to the time of the ancient Romans, when thermal baths were already used for healing the body and mind. This tradition is still very much alive today throughout the country, which abounds with places renowned for their natural sources, from which water with precious therapeutic properties flows. Platinum by Albatravel Group organises tours dedicated to both sports and wellness, with solutions customised according to the customer’s wishes and offering comprehensive and targeted services for individual, couple, family and group trips.

All sportspeople will have the opportunity to practice their favourite sport in the most beautiful natural areas of our country, in qualified and equipped facilities, in both summer and winter. For instance, we can organise wonderful seaside holidays with a variety of possible activities, such as sailing boat trips, surfing, kite-surfing and water skiing; those who love high altitude sports can enjoy hiking, Nordic walking, mountain biking or skiing in places of rare beauty such as the Dolomites or Mount Etna. But there is virtually no limit to the options available: walking or horse riding, kayaking or rafting along streams, but also amazing bike rides immersed in nature. We organise holidays even for golfers who wish to play golf in our country, as well as golf lessons for beginners who would like to learn the ropes. Those who, instead, would like to be involved in sporting events held in Italy will have the chance to take part in competitions such as the Venice Marathon and the Florence Marathon.

As for wellness holidays in Italy, Platinum by Albatravel Group is able to offer different kinds of trips. We organise stays of one day, a weekend or of several weeks in specialised facilities: for example, hotels equipped with the best spas and beauty farms, but also resorts traditionally known for their thermal waters, such as Saturnia in Tuscany or Abano and Montegrotto in Veneto. To ensure the utmost satisfaction for our customers, we are also available to book special wellness treatments in facilities that can guarantee a relaxing and overall perfect holiday.

Platinum by Albatravel Group is health conscious and pays special attention to nutrition. We have restaurants catering to vegans or people who have food allergies and intolerances. We also believe in the importance of organic crops and support the Slow Foodphilosophy.

These are just some of the sports and wellness trips we have to offer, which may vary according to customer requests. Yet, whatever the choice or the number of participants, we make sure to always pay attention to every detail of our services.