Platinum by Albatravel Group: specialising in weddings

Platinum by Albatravel Group specialises in the organisation of travel experiences designed to meet its customers' needs and desires. For us, one of the most rewarding experiences is having the chance to plan one of the most important days of your life, your wedding. From the ceremony to the honeymoon, we have many ideas to offer for such a romantic event, to be fulfilled and adapted to the demands of the future spouses.

We also plan wedding proposalsin detail, choosing the most exclusive locations to make sure you spend a truly memorable day. It will be even more special if set in one of Italy's most romantic cities, such as Verona, which is where the love story between Romeo and Juliet, the most famous lovers in the world, took place. Or in Venice with its unique atmosphere, which makes everything even more exhilarating.

To celebrate your last day of being single in great style, we have plenty of original ideas in store for you, such as a sightseeing tour of an art city accompanied by a specialised tour guide, followed by a stag or hen party to be planned in detail and hosted in one of the most popular clubs.
For your "big day", we can organise a civil marriage ceremony in Venice or Verona and we also take care of all the necessary paperwork. If you wish to get married with a religious wedding ceremony, we highly recommend Venice but, upon request, we can also organise a church wedding in the beautiful city of Rome.

In addition to the ceremony, Platinum by Albatravel Group take cares of every detail involved: from booking the most exclusive location for the wedding party, to furnishings and catering, including the rental of representation cars, photo shoots, makeup, hairdressing, wedding favours entertainment for adults and children, and anything you may need to make this day truly perfect in all respects. Moreover, the bride will have the chance to pick the most elegant dress to wear for the ceremony and for the wedding party from one of the best bridal ateliers.
One of our specialities is organising honeymoon trips to the most fascinating destinations in our country, so you can spend some time in the mountains, at the sea, at a spa or in a charming city. For example, we offer wonderful stays in the most beautiful resorts in Sardinia and Sicily whereas, for a fully relaxing honeymoon, we can offer you a stay in the best spa facilities in Tuscany. And if you would like your honeymoon to be dedicated to art and culture, we organise unforgettable tours in the most beautiful Italian cities such as Florence, Verona, Venice and, of course, Rome.
And for those who are already married? That won't be a problem, since we also offer many other exciting options to celebrate a long love story in a big way by enewing your vows.

These are just some of our wedding related offers, which we plan carefully and paying attention to all the details to make sure these occasions are perfect in every aspect and, above all, to ensure they fully meet all of our customers' expectations