Who we are

Travel Artisans. Designing emotions

Our philosophy is to make you experience emotions, not only travelling but also discovering. Platinum was born to satisfy the most special requests, when you need more than a hotel or a museum. The Spanish market was our initial target and, little by little, our way of experiencing tourism has conquered other countries.
Platinum is a branch of Albatravel group. We work in Venice, where our offices are located.
In order to make a trip to Italy special, it is important to know this wonderful country very well, along with its customs and traditions. We choose our collaborators throughout Italy to ensure a high-quality service and we take care of all details, because designing an emotion is like creating a unique piece of jewellery.
Places change, emotions stay with us.


Exclusive hotels
Enchanting hotels
Characteristic hotels
Luxury cars
Boats and yachts
Authorized local guides
Competent assistants
Private transfers
Special details
Romantic dinners
Unforgettable surprises
Photography services
Eno-gastronomic tours
Cooking classes
Your wedding in Venice
Personalized Murano glass gifts